Founder and President - Marianne Monson is the author of eleven books for children and adults with an emphasis on women's history. Her book Frontier Grit, released in 2016, was nominated for an Amelia Bloomer award by the American Library Association. Marianne holds an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and teaches at Clatsop Community College. When she moved to Astoria with her two teenage children in 2017, she felt for the first time she was truly home.

Vice President - Shawn Deal is the author of over 25 stage plays. Since 2016, he has had 15 original productions through out Oregon, Washington, and California. His plays have won 7 awards in various competitions. In 2018, his play The Map My Heart Created was named a semi finalist in the Samuel French Off Broadway Short Play Festival. Mr. Deal’s plays range from comedy to drama, absurdist to heart wrenching. He is best known for his quartet of one act youth plays and for his collection of magical realism plays. His most recent published play Loopy, a scientific comedy, featured a diverse set for teenage characters, one who has ADHD and another who is autistic.  

Secretary - LinMarie DiCianni arrived on Oregon’s north coast in time for Thanksgiving 2015. Her first commitment was to KMUN 91.9, the coast’s community radio station, as a front desk and special projects volunteer. When first taking the stage in 4th grade to perform an oratorical declaration, that experience made the written word come alive for LinMarie. The myriad powers of language to heal, entertain and inform still fascinate her. Entering her 29th year of serving community nonprofit entities, LinMarie is glad to be a member of the Guild team and regularly writes in facilitated workshops and groups. She has twice been honored for her volunteer contributions to KMUN and looks forward to hosting a bimonthly program showcasing local writers.   

Treasurer - Meg Green Meg Green is a retired CPA who has a special fondness for creative people and especially for the Writer's Guild of Astoria. She has many years of experience helping nonprofits reach their goals. She is also an amateur musician and book lover.

Digital Media Coordinator - Flax Glor was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, where he spent his formative filmmaking years before moving to Hollywood to work on large studio movies and television productions while earning dozens of credits in several departments. He has won awards for his short films and music videos, which have played at festivals such as the Cannes Independent and Bay Area Short Film Festival, along with three different films in his hometown Santa Cruz Film Festival. He is the author of Filmmaking Simplified and is pursuing a graduate degree in screenwriting.

Library Outreach - Jennifer Nightingale’s greatest honor, was to have her poem, “Where the Heart Once Stood” translated into the Welsh Language, by the esteemed poet, Aled Lewis Evans and read in both languages throughout the UK. She debuted her first novel, Alberta and the Spark, in May 2019. Jennifer has also had a 30-plus year career in healthcare administration. In the quiet hours in between, she devotes her time to writing poems and stories inspired by the North Coast.

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